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We live the biggest revolution in the history of literature...

2000 +/- A.D.


Lucky to live in it...

Aren't we? What do you think?


We have huge opportunities in front of our eyes!


Commerce, communications, media, marketing, business all changed...

Internet and digital transforms everything


Literature? As an opportunity?

Yes! All stuff in the digital age is literature related or connected

Even artificial intelligence...


Build the biggest titles collection ever recorded in the history of literature


Yes! Sure.

Titled is a content project carefully thought and crafted by a digital content agency with 10+ years of experience



Titled is something really different. It's something else. Something huge. Really huge.


Wikipedia has around 5 mil. English articles

But on the internet are 1 bil. websites that have at least 3 pieces of titled content


On social networks people are publishing thousands of titled materials every day...


You could never/ever put on the same page all content with the same title...


Titled content network it's about this kind of stuff: one title, huge number of authors, impressive number of approaches


Same title, different ideas. Same stuff, different vision. Same concept, but still different. One idea, infinite ideas


The Titled content network it's not about texts nor about literature in an old fashioned way


The Titled content network its about experiencing unlimited written rows in a fraction of a second


The Titled Content Network it's about making a light-speed trip through the human stack of titles made publicly on the internet


Even interactive content, even video, and even graphical content have a title... not only texts...

have you noticed?


"...I never want to read or meet the same idea twice (or not) in my life..."

Titled content network comes to provide this wonderful experience


The Titled Content Network

A start-up alike project in its search for investors and supporters

See documentation

see pre-launch (update on 15.01.2021)


Be an early investor or supporter

Build the biggest content project ever seen in the history


Content Network – for investors

  1. Invest as low as 1000 EURO
  2. Take ownership over a part of the project
  3. Early stage, full growth potential
  4. 33% of the project's ownership available based on public auction for the first investors​


Content Network – for supporters​

  1. Get involved in a (truly) challenging project
  2. Be the creator of brilliant technical approaches
  3. Have guts, write history, take ownership over your own god damn work
  4. 33% of the project's ownership available based on amount of work​ and involvement in the project


Content Network – the plan*​

  1. Until 01.07.2022 Until 01.07.2020 - funding process ends​
  2. Until 01.07.2021 - 1st version launched - DONE on 04.09.2020​
  3. Until 01.07.2022 - 1st cent gross income​
  4. On 01.07.2023 - you will be rich...​​​

* - As of now 04.09.2020 01.07.2020, 24th July 2019




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